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My name’s Vienna Richards, and I’m based in Australia’s Northern Territory.

This is my story. After more than 17 years of working in strategic communications in the Pacific region primarily in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, I launched a boutique communications consultancy online in December 2023.  

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Vienna Richards Communications Consulting

Founded in Australia’s Northern Territory, we’re a remote-first boutique service with team members internationally, aiming to serve teams in rural, remote, and regional locations, in hard-to-access places around the world.

We provide both traditional strategic communications functions including annual report production, alongside digital and web technology services. This includes website development and design, hosting and maintenance support, and all things WordPress.

If you have any questions or a project you’d like to discuss, please feel free to contact us. We’re happy to have an obligation-free call at no cost. We’re available to take clients.


What are the benefits of working with vienna ?

Peace of Mind

We’re qualified, experienced and conscientious. We’re dedicated to doing our best work.

We want our presence in your life to bring you peace of mind. Whether it’s directly with Vienna or one of our team members when we’re working on your offline or online project. It’s as simple as that. Our vision is our North Star.


We care about lives

Reputation Management

Ready or not, public judgment falls swiftly every day on people’s reputations in the digital age. We take care with reputations. Because we value our reputation too.  

Building clients a professional online presence, providing media training, speaker support, and writing well-researched, fact checked blog posts and articles are some of the ways we demonstrate that.


we value honesty and accountability


What we say matters. What you say matters. We’re reliable. And we’re here to prove that with our actions, if you’ll give us a chance. We’re here to build trust.

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Communications and Engagement


Professional Writing | Media Writing


Website and Digital Content Creation

Vienna Richards Consulting

Our Unique Proposition

We’re transparent. We don’t pretend to hold all the answers. That’s not possible in the digital age with all the rapid technological changes. But we’re very deliberate and skilled at the methodical and creative process of finding the right answers, and uncovering new and improved solutions to problems and communication issues.

We shun pretension and fake. Often in communications, it takes trial and error to see what resonates with people. That’s the reality of dealing with diverse human beings. But we’re accountable. And we’ll honestly share our journey with you and the findings, knowledge, insights. 

We do things differently. We focus on helping teams working in remote, rural and regional locations, the hard to reach places of the world. 

We know the practice of strategic communications and how to merge it intuitively with web and digital technology firsthand deeply. We’ve adapted through the Internet revolution, the social media revolution and the smart phone revolution. We’ve lived and breathed this for decades.

And we believe in lifelong learning and continuous improvement, learning from experience, and reading good books to inform our practice.

We care about people, families and communities, and animals. And that’s where we want to make our impact felt. The end goal? Joy and peace for us all.

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Vienna Richards

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new revolution. So while I’m introducing myself to you, let me share some interesting market research findings for 2024. You might find this very helpful if you’re worried about the advent of AI. I tested and experimented with AI last year with e-commerce content. After testing last year, I no longer have any concerns about AI trumping human written text content at this time. But that’s a blog post for another time. Right now, check out this research. It happens to validate my own findings.

The key takeaway and opportunity? Take heart and keep writing original content from your own ideas, your mind and hands. Audiences still value human written content, even though many marketers are going in the opposite direction. 

Another fact I discovered recently from research. The keywords ‘artificial intelligence detectors’ seems to be getting more than 2 million search queries globally on the Internet. That gives you an insight into one of the (many) things worrying people and institutions. By the way, AI was not involved in the creation of my website.  Though not for the faint of heart, this website was imagined, created, and written by a real human being.  That human being is me.



2024 Trends for Human Writers Versus Artificial Intelligence (AI)

2024 Trends: Marketers Embracing AI for Text Content
2024 Trends: Human Writing Outranks AI Text Content

Check out the latest market research (NPDigital) on AI and written content in the graph.  More than 1000 respondents surveyed on how they are producing text-based content. It shows a significant trend of marketers abandoning human writing, preferring to use AI-generated text content, instead. 

Fascinating but there's more to this than meets the eye. Artificial intelligence has heralded a revolution not seen in years. Not since the Internet revolution, the social media revolution, and the smartphone revolution. So, the AI Revolution for writers is now well underway.  But there's good news ahead for human writers.

A side note thought: is the AI revolution  for writers going to have the same deep revolutionary impacts that the Gutenberg Printing Press had back in the Middle Ages?  

Meanwhile, please move the button icon to the right to read 2024 Trends: Human Writing Outranks AI Text Content

NP Digital Graph on How Are You Creating Text-Based Content.
photo of website founder Vienna Richards with background.

17 Years + Track Record

This backgrounder has a lot of “I’ in it. Ideally, you don’t want the same word to start a sentence especially in a bio, row after row. But this is a first-person account and I’m writing in the spoken voice. I’ve stuck with this laundry list version to answer questions. 

Professional Experience

I’ve held freelance chief writing roles and consulted as a speechwriter for government officials. I’ve worked as a former newspaper columnist, former print, radio and television journalist and worked as a radio news editor.

I’ve worked as a communications specialist, and an engagement specialist working in health, education, public works, government relations and emergency response.

I’ve worked as a project manager and media manager in emergency medicine for the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) supporting emergency medicine specialists working in hospital emergency departments in Australia and New Zealand.

I fulfilled roles in Australia’s COVID-19 public health emergency response for the Victorian Health Department as a rapid response community engagement manager and portfolio lead, and the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory (AMSANT) as the COVID-19 non-clinical adviser.

I’ve worked as a communications manager for Middlemore Hospital, Nelson Hospital and Blenheim Hospital, and the Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS). And I’ve worked as head of communications for Māori Television, a free to air television channel and language revitalisation program. 

I’ve also provided workforce training, health promotion and protection communications support to health organisations including First Nations medical services in primary health care and health professionals in a range of public health issues and services.

In education, I’ve served in university marketing roles and most recently as the senior marketing lead, a consultant role, at the Ministry of Education for the NZ Prime Minister’s Education Excellence Awards (2015-2017)

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Core Values

Since launching my remote boutique consulting in December 2023, it’s been important to me to clearly define for everyone my core values. These define how the Vienna Richards Consulting business operates as people, so the expectations are clear. You might think what’s the point? You’ve just launched in December 2023, I hear you say. Well, I’m the kind of person who believes in having a vision for your life. I believe in having a life’s purpose and having a mission, or missions. 

A person’s core values, in my experience, act as a North Star. They’re a compass and guide to how you behave and treat others, including yourself. They deliberately define the kind of culture you want to create in the workplace. They align with the vision and mission.

Why do I care enough to do this exercise? Vision, mission and values matter and guide my life. It’s how I was raised. Plus, it’s so important to feel good at work, isn’t it? Given how much time we spend in the workplace, and the kind of culture I want my business to stand for, I’ve spent time pondering these core values. Thinking deeply about how to articulate all the life values I hold dear into short and concise statements. 

This is the end result. In essence, these also express my personal core values. There is one core value that didn’t make the final cut. But it’s still a core value to me. That’s the value of having fun at work. Working hard and being able to laugh together, all in one. Fun and hard work can go together.

Are we a fit? It’s ok if we’re not. Because we’re not for everyone and we don’t want to be. That’s how important core values can be. They can make those distinctions clear. If this resonates for you, I’d love to know your feedback.

We're Honest and Accountable

This is our answer to peace of mind and a clear conscience: we’re honest and we’re human. Like you, we do our very best. Should we make a mistake of our own making, we’ll own it and fix it, at no cost to you.

We Care

We care deeply about finding the right solutions, ensuring quality, managing risks, and looking after relationships.

We're Creative

What if? We’re creatives and explorers, always in search of better ideas and solutions. The ability to imagine, to ponder, to think different, to question and test ideas.They're important to the creative process. Curiosity and testing assumptions fuels creativity.

We Collaborate

We love collaboration with good people and trusted partners. It builds enduring connections that can bring joy and peace of mind.
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