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Bachelor’s degree in communication studies, journalism major, AUT 2001.

Available Remote-First

Current Location
Northern Territory, Australia

Conference Papers
Disaster Management Conference, Spain, 2017
Australasian Emergency and Disaster Management Conference, Gold Coast, Queensland 2017

Professional Background
I’m a strategic communications and digital communications specialist. Over the last two and a half years, I could see a significant need for dedicated corporate communications expertise and support across rural, remote and regional services. And that has given birth to the idea of providing these services in this business.

So you know that I’m a bonafide communications professional, I list my credentials, experience and background here. I don’t necessarily wish to draw attention to myself.  I’m an introvert at heart. But it’s important you see my imperfect face so you know who’s behind this website. I’m not a faceless website. 

If you’re seriously looking for a professional who knows what they’re doing, and will seriously care about results and your project, it’s important you know my background. But regardless, I want to be open and transparent so you get to know a little about me, and that it might answer any questions you have.

Please feel free to ask me any questions if it’s not answered here. You’re welcome to book time in my calendar too.

Experience Into Two Decades

This is my track record in brief. More than 17 years of experience in corporate communications, government relations, public relations, media relations, and advocacy. I have worked as a communications manager for three hospitals and a public health service, plus head of communications for a free-to-air national television network. I have also worked for state and national governments in communications, engagement, and marketing leadership roles.

Finding The Right Team

For the last few years, I’ve been waiting and looking for the right team to partner with to implement my new idea: this remote first business. The right people make all the difference to team culture and effective performance. If you want a great team culture, look for people with the right attitude and solid character traits. Like honesty and a solid work ethic with kindness. That builds trust and respect. It’s like raising a family. You build a good one with all these ingredients. You want good sorts, humility helps, down to earth, salt of the earth people, but also competent and willing. I wasn’t going to rush into anything until I knew it was right.

In late 2023, I identified reliable digital technology partners I could trust to work with. They’re part of my team now. And they’re able to scale to demand which is important for a boutique remote first business just starting out.

So I have a team who will deliver expert website development, design and support, hosting and maintenance services. Having them in my corner gives me peace of mind. When we work on anything related to your websites, you’ll get to meet them, and me too, of course. 

My Beginnings in Professional Writing

My background in news and communications began as a professional writer in 1996, writing a commissioned chapter for a maternal health book. Two years later, I returned to university full-time switching my degree from social work to study for a communications degree to become a journalist

Former Journalist

Yes, I’m a former print, television and radio journalist. I’ve done stints as a TV news producer, foreign news producer, print newspaper columnist and acting radio editor and presenter. An early adopter of digital technology, that’s me too.

Corporate Communications and Marketing
I have worked in corporate and government communications, advocacy, public relations, community engagement, stakeholder and media relations. In education, I’ve fulfilled marketing roles including senior marketing lead consultant for the New Zealand Prime Minister’s Education Excellence Awards (2015-2017).

Health and Science Communications

Health communications. Science communications. I’ve specialised in health, science and emergency and crisis communications. For example, between 2010 to 2015, I worked in public health and worked on multiple communicable disease outbreaks of measles, pertussis, swine flu H1N1, Ebola and other diseases. I was also part of Australia’s COVID-19 Response from 2020 to 2022 working for state government and the Aboriginal community-controlled primary health medical sector.

Crisis, Risk and Emergency Communications | Emergency Response

In 2017, I delivered conference talks on health outcomes, earthquakes, and emergency communications at disaster and emergency management conferences in Europe and Australia. I trained in USA CDC emergency communications more than two decades ago, and then went on to train public health authorities and medical officers of health.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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