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We bring solid experience producing Annual Reports and other regulatory government documents. We are experienced in working in the government sector. We understand governance and we are familiar with legislative and regulatory compliance as it relates to annual reporting for organisations in Australia and New Zealand. We maintain the strictest standards of discretion and client confidentiality.

If your organisation is new and yet to furnish your Annual Report, we can assist. We can advise, facilitate your communications with government bodies, or be a liaison for communications with parliamentary and regulatory government offices in your country. We can also help older organisations seeking a new writer, designer and production team for your report. 

Copywriting and Editing

Annual Reports have specific requirements for written reports from the Chairman of the Board and the CEO. They may be called different names like the Chairman’s or CEO’s Statement, or Review, or Report. 

We provide experienced drafting and editing skills in annual report writing for:

→ The Chairman’s Review
→ The CEO’s Report
→ Bios
→ Highlights Section
→ Governance and Accountability Section.

Copyediting is available. Our primary role with the financial section of the Annual Report is design, layout, page formatting and proofing the English copy.

The financial section is completed by the finance department with auditors approval before it can added to the Annual Report draft. 

Design and Print Production

Design, print prodution and project management. Those are the broad areas we cover in annual report production.

Annual Reports can be a stressful and complex production with many moving parts. We recommend contacting us early months in advance, say four to six months, before your Annual Report is due to be filed in Parliament and to your reporting regulatory agency. We can give you a heads up on our latest timeframes and advise what deadlines should be in order to meet delivery before filing due dates. The earlier we know the better. 


Website for Annual Reports

Would your organisation like to publish your Annual Report as a website? It’s a great way to visually present it online and make it available to your funders and key stakeholders, and your communities, particularly to promote the highlights and staff and organisational achievements. 

That way you’re not relying solely on the limited power of PDFs to publicise your annual report and good works.

Our website development and design team can take care of all your website needs and care for you.

This includes:

How We Work


Drafting and Editing Process

Once we have finished a first draft for review, we normally seek initial input from the CEO and Chairman, provided the relevant information has been provided to enable us to complete a first draft. This initial review is critical. It allows us to do a quick check that we’re all on the same page, or to revise and redirect based on feedback.

Once we have a final approved draft, we would expect it to go through an internal review and approval process for clearance with subject matter experts, as well as the C-suite. Once it’s approved for clearance, that’s a final draft ready for the next production steps.

We communicate with you from the start to establish:

→ Agreed response times.
→ Kept in the loop from start to launch.

We can work with your EAs, PAs, in fact anyone you designate to support the annual report production and our requests. What helps us to help you in a timely way is to work with teams who can be available and responsive. In a nutshell, that’s our winning formula for a successful round of annual report writing and production.


Print and Digital Scheduling and Production

Scheduling the printer, graphics and design creatives including photographers is an important part of meeting our terms with the delivery of Annual Reports on deadline.

The other key scheduling component is receiving relevant information within agreed timeframes. We have to be strict about that in order to meet the demands of the production schedule. But we’ll do all we can to plan early so that we can give some flexibility later on, and allow for contingencies, where possible.

This is why we encourage you to talk to us months ahead, ideally around the start of the year. It doesn’t obligate you to use our service. But it does allow us to be able to tell you our availability for your project, and check what’s possible with our production partners in terms of scheduling creatives, printing and production tasks down the line.  


Meeting Agreements

We take pride in our work and keeping our word to you. So we take a scheduling and deadline-driven approach. It gives us the best chance at meeting deadlines and delivering on time, without compromising on quality.

So before we take on a project, we want to make sure that each party to the project is able to fulfil on its agreements. This includes things like providing information and requested feedback in a timely way, and having a contingency in place to ensure that working  agreements are met.

For example, we’d love to draft your Chairman’s Review and the CEO’s Report. In order to do that, we need to be looped into ALL the relevant information such as the organisation’s achievements and highlights over the last financial year. Send us websites or the organisation’s internal communications celebrating those events and milestones. That’s not all, but that gives you an idea of how we work best as writers and editors. Receiving information in a timely way is super helpful as well. Without easy access to ALL the relevant information, it’s very hard to draft a first draft that we would be happy with. 



We create a checklist of due deliverables. This helps us to make sure that we have all the relevant information to write copy, and booking print and any digital production schedule to deliver on time. 

We can do a simple comms plan but we find that operationally, a well written checklist works just as well to visualise all the actions required. It’s a great way to do a visual check firsthand on actions and tasks.

In fact, we’d say that a comms plan turns into a checklist. Because the most valuable part about communications planning is the implementation of the plan, rather than just the plan itself. We say it from years of experience in communications planning.



Proofing Drafts and Prints

This is our standard service based on experience and what works best.

We provide proofing for all the digital and hard copy drafts. We also proof the first print draft copies of your Annual Report, before a final print run is ordered.

For example, we check that the digital printed copies:
– printing instructions have been followed.
 – the correct version has been printed.
 – the quality of the print materials is robust and matches the agreed materials.
 – the branding including the colours, typeface and graphics matched the signed off draft.

For hard copies, if you are in a remote, rural or outback location, we can organise to receive hard copies at a local printer near us to do the proofing. Once we’ve proofed the print proof, we can do the final print run at a printer located at your closest outback town, if it’s possible.  We can explore all options, other than those presented here. Whatever is going to work best is our approach.


Creative Design and Layout

Don’t skimp on the creative. Life’s too short not to allow for the most beautiful designs and layout that resonate for your brand and your people. 

Professional creative layouts befitting your Annual Report is what we do. Simple is often best and designs that resonate for your stakeholders and funders. Showing your people in the middle of action, doing their best work, and loving it, is often a great way to showcase the year’s report. If you’re looking for a special interior or exterior photo, we can organise a local photographic shoot with a local photographer.

Graphic designers: if you require a specific rural, farming or remote outback design to reflect where you serve and/or the communities you serve, we can source the appropriate designer. We love those kinds of challenges.

When creating First Nations indigenous, or a local design for any country, we do prefer to find a designer who represents the appropriate people, clan, language and custom, if at all possible. We are respectful of cultural differences and we are well aware that the same symbols may mean different things to different clans, tribes, and cultures, even among indigenous peoples in the same region, country, and internationally.

Whatever your design and creative needs, we can advise, help and tap into creatives and graphic designers locally, regionally and globally to support your project.

Vienna Richards smiling photo in a circle frame
Vienna Richards

Why Choose Us?

Because we know what we’re doing. We’re experienced and seasoned performers. We’re not beginners here. For example, Vienna brings nearly three decades as a professional writer and more than 17 years working in communications leadership roles. This includes multiple stints as a communications manager for hospitals, public health and as head of communications for free to air television network.

Plus, we genuinely care about the quality of our work, and building trust with our customers. We’re a good bunch of people to work with. And we get the job done.

⇒ We’re Experienced Writers
⇒ We’re Experienced Project Coordinators/Managers
⇒ We’re Experienced in Print Production
⇒ We’re Experienced in Digital Website Production
⇒ We’re Remote First Business

As a newly launched business in December 2023, we bring high pressure experience and skills producing Annual Reports and other regulatory government documents. You’ll get the benefit of our experience. And we can scale our team to meet your needs. 

Ready to Start A Project With Us?

Book a call with Vienna to discuss your project. It’s a great way to see if we are also the right fit for you. Otherwise, if you can’t do a call, let us know and we’ll send you a form for more information.

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