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Ready to improve your presentations and media interviewing? We can help. And when you work with us, we don’t publish your name, or organisation, anywhere. We work with you discretely and confidentially.

Vienna Richards is a former journalist with a bachelor’s degree in communication studies, journalism major (2001, AUT). She has worked in print, radio, television and digital newsrooms. She’s also an experienced media manager and communications manager overseeing the daily media operations in a variety of complex organisations including hospitals, health sector and medical peak bodies, clinical services, government departments, and not for profit community-controlled services.

How Can We Help You?


Crisis Communications

Need direction and advice on managing communications risks and reputational threats to your organisation?

Drawing on significant experience handling organisation crises and traumatic incidents, we provide trusted advice, direction, insights and help.


Media Monitoring

Knowing  what you want to achieve with your daily media operations helps you set goals. Tracking and monitoring your reach and engagement on the Internet helps you to learn about what people are saying about your organisation. For example, how people are responding to services and your industry. That can give you a competitive advantage.

Who is your communications or services reaching? Or not reaching?  What are your audiences saying about your organisation? Who and why?

Knowing these answers helps you identify issues and risks to resolve early and address customer or stakeholder pain points in their experience with your organisation.

We’ve tried every monitoring app and can make recommendations. We can also monitor your online media engagement, reach and mentions.


Media Releases

Looking for a well written media release or press release? We write media releases, media advisories and can also pitch your story directly to media outlets.

Note: we only pitch a story if it has key newsworthy elements and a strong angle to help journalists see its value. If your story doesn’t have at least one newsworthy element, we’ll let you know. We help you identify the compelling story elements or set goals to do more work on it.


Spokesperson Training

Every media and public spokesperson requires training, coaching and feedback to appreciate the discipline and the parameters one is operating within. When you take on a spokesperson role, you are speaking as the voice of an organisation. It can be a minefield and a stressful situation to face media. 

We help you get comfortable with the experience, understand the discipline required, and the landscape you’re operating within. That helps your organisation manage risks and issues. This training includes crisis communications and emergency and risk communications.


Content Creation: Editorial Writing

Whether it’s writing an editorial for your industry publications, or a regular newsletter, and media releases, we’ve got your covered. We’re also experienced in managing collaborative public communications across multiple organisations, national or international.


Content Creation: Photos and Videos

Don’t skimp on creating quality visuals to support your media engagement, where it’s appropriate.  

We show you how to take team and individual photos that don’t look like mug shots. For example, showing your people in the middle of action, doing their best work, and loving it, is often a great way to showcase your team’s hard work.

Vienna Richards smiling photo in a circle frame
Vienna Richards

Why Choose Vienna?

→ Experienced coaching and training media spokespersons
→ Experienced in media relations and crisis communications
→ Experienced working in newsrooms
→More than 20 years working as a professional writer
→More than 17 years working in senior communications roles including media relations
→ This involved responsibility for an organisation’s daily media operations and responses. 

Plus, we genuinely care about the quality of our work, and building trust with our customers. We’re a good bunch of people to work with. And we get the job done.

Ready to Talk Abour Media Relations?

Book a call with Vienna to discuss your project. It’s a great way to see if we are also the right fit for you. Otherwise, if you can’t do a call, let us know and we’ll send you a form for more information.

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