Vision, Mission and Core Values

Vision, Mission and Core Values


To create connections that inspire joy and peace.

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Author Donna Goddard, Writing: A Spiritual Voice.

What we spend our time on will determine the course of our life. Who cares what other people think of us when we are busy living a brief life to the best of our ability?

Our Mission

Close the Digital Divide

To close the digital divide among people and in hard to reach remote, rural and regional locations.

Reliable Access

To see people have reliable access to the world’s digital resources. 

Help People to Look Up

We aim to create the best communication solutions to help people overcome challenges, to dream, to inspire.

Promote Online Safety

Australians lost more than $3.1 billion to scams in 2022.  Scams destroy lives from the young to the elderly. 

The Core Values That Define Us

We're Honest and Accountable

This is our answer to peace of mind and a clear conscience: we’re honest and we’re human. Like you, we do our very best. Should we make a mistake of our own making, we’ll own it and fix it, at no cost to you.

We Care

We care deeply about finding the right solutions, ensuring quality, managing risks, and looking after relationships.

We're Creative

What if? We’re creatives and explorers, always in search of better ideas and solutions. The ability to imagine, to ponder, to think different, to question and test ideas. They’re important to the creative process. Curiosity and testing assumptions fuels creativity.

We Collaborate

We love collaboration with good people and trusted partners. It builds enduring connections that can bring joy and peace of mind.

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