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Vienna Richards

I’m Back

In case you visited my blog here in 2022, I took a break. I lost my interest in blogging. I’d been working on COVID-19 Response. It was intense and all-consuming. At the end of 2022, I finally stepped away from COVID-19 Response. Nine months later, May 2023, I’m ready to write again.

For this season of writing, I’ll be sharing tips and how to guides on communications and community engagement.

If you’re keen to improve your communication skills, I’m keen to share my knowledge, experience, and tools with you.


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Learning is a superpower

Ready to improve your communication skills? No matter how old, young, or experienced you are, there’s always room to learn and grow.

Being eager to learn took me from zero qualifications more than 20 years ago to gaining knowledge and qualifications that set me up professionally. I’ve gone on to work as a communications specialist in many different roles and projects since, including fulfilling some dreams. So if what I’ve learned about communication skills over the years could help you, then I’m all in. I’m more than happy to share my learnings with you.


Face the media

Understanding the media and knowing how to meet their needs are invaluable skills. Media training builds your confidence. You’ll also gain media skills that you can readily transfer to other work, outside of the media industry.

I’ve developed and produced media training courses in past years for people from all walks of life, and organisations. From elected officials, CEOs, and senior medical officers of health, to grassroots community workers and youth and young adults.

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